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the enterprise culture

enterprise mission: to create value for customers; to create a platform for staff development and happiness;
enterprise vision: to be the most competitive in the same industry and socially responsible enterprise;
core values: take honestly as this,mutually beneficial win-win;
business philosophy: use our products allow customers to buy with confidence too comfortable;
entrepreneurship: real,simple,act,efficient,win-win;
talent concept: warm-heartedness and love more important than diploma, dedication and industry more important than proficiency, and loyalty and responsibility more important than abilities;
service concept: warm, sincere, professional, dedicated, focused, efficient;
development concept: good people, and seek common development;
the idea of wealth: take it from society and use it for society;
occupation concept: dedication, the glory of god;
family philosophy: to run our small family with love, to pour our big family;
corporate image: civilization, unity, hard work, harmony;
management concept: meticulous process for satisfactory results;